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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The office is one of my favorite rooms to dream up designs for.  This could possibly be because so much inspiration stems from being and working in your office, that it needs to be a space that is inspirational in itself. Check out some of these fantastic office spaces that I would love to do a little designing or blogging in:

I absolutely love the all white desk in this office, but the white wicker office chair with the cozy faux fur is what really inspired me.  The cute doggie doesn't hurt, either.

I think that this wood plank desk top is absolutely to die for.  Any accessories against the light wood look phenomenal.

This inspiration/bulletin board is great.  It's full, but not too cluttered.  I also love the Prismacolor markers sitting on the desk.  I swear by them!

This office space has a lot going on, with many mixed textures and patterns, but I think all of the color and variety would be stimulating to the mind.

I love the dark wood in this space.  The desk is small but organized, and I could totally see my self nestling into this spot on a rainy afternoon and getting a lot of work done.

I hope these spaces have inspired you to make your work area more interesting and inviting!


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  1. So many great spaces! Lovely collection:) I think the third one is my favorite because of the amazing bulletin board!!


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