wishlist wednesday | march 28

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy wednesday!

1. This adorable birthday calendar by Linda & Harriett never expires, and you'll never forget a birthday again.
2. I love this Oklahoma State bird - scissor-tailed flycatcher print by kelzuki. There's one for every state, and would look great framed on a wall or a desk.
3. I'm mildly obsessed with these zigzag rings from ASOS; they're the perfect colors for spring and can be mixed and matched.
4. This pocket note set by Frida Plumm would be great to always have on hand, and the packaging is so cute!
5. I'm in love with this sort-of neon purple polish from Chanel; it's a great pop of color.


gotta get down on friday

Friday, March 23, 2012

it's friday. be happy.

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hunger games + mad men

Thursday, March 22, 2012

so..... two of my favorite things are premiering this weekend and I'm beyond excited. the hunger games movie is coming out tonight at midnight AND mad men is coming back to television after being gone for over a year. I have high hopes for both and I have a pretty good feeling neither are going to disappoint.

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to top it all off, I just discovered these amazing prints by Entropy Trading Company on etsy. I will for sure be purchasing both.

Cheers, and may the odds be ever in your favor,

wishlist wednesday | march 21

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy wishlist wednesday!

1. the warmer weather is giving me a jones for heading to the beach, and apparently this Bobbi Brown beach oil has the same scent as the real deal.
2. I have a huge, nerdy obsession with The Hunger Games, but seriously you guys, all of the music on the soundtrack is phenomenal. Check it out.
3. 'work hard, play hard' is one of my all time favorite sayings, and I love it on this darling leather pouch.
4. If I could, I would own every single thing that Madewell sells, but for now I'll stick with these Holepunch Flat Sandals.
5. I love this gold-rimmed, kiss-printed coffee mug with a sense of humor.

los angeles

Monday, March 19, 2012

As I mentioned last week, I recently got to go to LA for a business trip. It was my first trip ever to California, so I was very excited and not sure what to expect. Here are a few snapshots of some sites I got to see, places I went, and a little bit of some of the work I did.

the best shot I could get of the iconic LAX letters outside of the airport // I really enjoyed driving up and down Sunset Boulevard, so much lovely shopping and eating out that I wanted to do // there's basically an American Apparel on every corner (not really, but it seemed like it)

this was a giant chair sculpture outside of the Pacific Design Center // this is the Pacific Design Center, where my company's showroom is located and where I walked to work while I was there // I loved this Missoni Home display I saw in the PCD

these are the display areas that I worked on designing/putting together and was lucky enough to get to actually install them myself!

 I was basically obsessed with this French cafe, Le Pain Quotidien, located on Melrose Place. I had lunch here on the patio and enjoyed the view and the people watching.

 my coworker and her daughter were kind enough to take me on a mini tour of the city. we went around downtown and up to a park to get a better view of the skyline.

we went to Chinatown and had some of the best Chinese food I've ever had at Yang Chow restaurant // we also drove around the Staples Center and Nokia Theater area, and apparently I was about a day late for the Hunger Games premiere, which I was less than thrilled that I missed // we also walked down Hollywood Boulevard and I got a pic with these two *ahem* interesting people.

Even though it was a quick trip, I loved everything about LA (minus the traffic).  I can't wait until the next time I get to go back!


wishlist wednesday | march 14

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cheers to wednesday!

1. Love these technicolor cards by Wit & Whistle from Mercier Boucoup stationery shop; you can use them for anything.
2. I'm partial for this MID-WEST tee from The Made Shop because it's where I reside, but I think anyone could rock it.
3. This wooden holla sign by OhDierLiving is great because I think every room needs a sense of humor.
4. These striped Tory Burch reva flats might be (definitely are) a little out of my price range for a seasonal spring shoe but they're just so. dang. cute.
5. But First, Coffee print by HungryPrints. Words to live by, people.


california dreaming

Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm headed to LA today for a work trip and I couldn't be more excited. It's going to be a quick trip but I've never been to California so this should be an interesting experience. Hopefully all goes well, and I can't wait to report on all of the lovely things that I happen to see there!

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my exciting new design project

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm very excited to say that I have recently been asked to help plan and design the new (to them) apartment of two of my dear friends living in New York City. This is really the first personal design project that I've taken on so this should be a fun and interesting new experience. I'm excited to use this blog as a tool throughout this project that I will use to help me communicate my design, and hopefully you all can learn and take inspiration from this experience as well. I'll most likely be posting about progress updates, my inspiration for the space, and what will actually be integrated into the apartment, so stay tuned. For now here are a few of my initial inspirations to give you an idea of what I hope to achieve with this space.

sources: apartment therapy

wishlist wednesday | march 7

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

happy wednesday! here's this week's wishlist!

1. This needle-point hat is perfect for spring outings and comes from an amazing company, Harding-Lane, that creates beautiful products and gives back. Check them out!
2. I'm a sucker for anything with a monogram as well as any purse that is a clutch, so I'm definitely going for this monogrammed envelope clutch.
3. MAD MEN IS FINALLY BACK. MARCH 25. And Estee Lauder has come out with a lipstick and blush set inspired by the AMAZING series. I'm dying.
4. Loving this cute and compact portable speaker that plugs into anything with a headphone jack.
5. This 'sweet home' doormat from Garnet Hill would be a great greeting to any home.


rifle paper + villa nova fabrics

Monday, March 5, 2012

UK's Villa Nova has recently released a darling new fabric collection, Sarawak, that features 4 gorgeous prints designed by one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co. Rifle Paper Co. is known for their adorable stationery, greeting cards, and other paper goods, and now you can enjoy their lovely artwork in a new way. I have something of a passion for beautiful fabrics, so these vibrant prints are right up my alley.


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