wishlist wednesday | january 30

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

how is January already over? huh. anyway, happy Wishlist Wednesday!

1. If you haven't listened to Tegan and Sara's new album Heartthrob, do it now. It's fantastic.
2. I'm loving this lightweight infinity scarf from J.Crew. Bonus points for being OKC colors. Thunder up!
3. It's a mimosa-scented diptyque candle, so.. yeah, I want it.
4. So, now that I'm back from Paris I'm obsessed and want to buy Paris things. But really, this illustration from The Paris Print Shop is so darling.
5. These XOXO stickies are perfect for writing a quick love note for your sweetie pie (yuck).


1 comment:

  1. Recently picked up that scarf. It's so yummy and soft! I know you'll love it:)


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