Emily Henderson + Serena & Lily Nightstand Styling Contest

Monday, March 11, 2013

Emily Henderson has been a favorite interior designer/stylist/blogger of mine for a while now, and as soon as I saw her post about her nightstand styling contest/collaboration with Serena & Lily, I knew I had to enter.

Styling vignettes around my house is one of my favorite things to do, and my nightstand is such a fun spot to style. As I styled my nightstand, I wanted to project a clean, yet vibrant look. Using the lamp and nightstand to serve as neutral bases, I added a touch of personality with a jewelry tray and a paper cutout of the Chicago skyline, my favorite city. The framed art, books, and flowers give that pop-of-color and also help to balance out the colorful bed. The different layers and details of this nightstand really work together to capture my personal style and aesthetic.

Check out my contest entry below as well as some other images of how I style my nightstand. And most importantly, do your girl a solid and VOTE for my nightstand on Emily's Facebook page! (If you're using a phone or tablet, click here.) It's super easy, and I would really appreciate it, mostly because the winner receives a pair of GORGEOUS nightstands from Serena & Lily.

Big thanks to my friends Candice and Ashlee for helping me with this mini photo shoot, I had so much fun putting this together!

Again, I would reallllly appreciate your vote! Just head over to Emily's Facebook page, take 10 seconds, and like my entry! > click here to vote! <



  1. Voted! Good luck!

    Xoxo, Emily

  2. great job! you've got my vote :)

    x chelsie | mossypants.com

  3. It looks amazing. You are so talented! Heading to vote right now:)

  4. Gorgeous! Where is your nightstand from?


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