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Monday, November 25, 2013

On the last night of my trip to NYC - I very randomly and luckily got to go to Lady Gaga's album release party for her new album, Artpop. Needless to say, it was one of the most ridiculous nights of my life. The moral of this story is basically that you need to be friends with cool people who are friends with even cooler people and you get to do cool stuff. On Friday, my good friend Shae who lives in Brooklyn received a text from one of his friends who lives in Vegas, asking if he would like to go to this Gaga party in Brooklyn on Sunday night. He obviously said yes, and when he got an email confirming that his name was on the list for the party, he realized he got a +1 and since I JUST SO HAPPENED to be staying in New York until Monday morning - he asked me to go with him. I said, "yeah, whatever - might as well."

So Sunday night rolls around - I ended up having to leave a work dinner a little early - and I take a cab to meet Shae at this place near the East Village where you get on ferries to go to Brooklyn. The actual location of the party was undisclosed to us, but we knew we had to go to this place and get on a boat that would take us to Brooklyn. So I get there and there's a huge line - I cut a bunch of people (who were less than thrilled about this) to meet up with Shae and we wait for a little while - the boat didn't start loading until 8:45. Tons of people start showing up - and apparently you had to have your name on this list or you weren't getting in. A lot of these people were just trying to get in without being on the list and it was a mad house. Supposedly about 1800 invites had been sent out for the event and you had to have your invite with you. Lucky for us, we did, and so we made our way to the front of the line, got our wristbands - and literally skipped onto this ferry boat. Everyone on this boat is like freaking out - for obvious reasons. The ferry starts heading towards Brooklyn - it was about a 15 minute boat ride. We look off the side of the boat and see a huge warehouse with lights, etc and we can tell that's where we're headed (see blurry iPhone image below).

We run off the boat and up to this warehouse. The first thing we see is this huge statue of Gaga (the doors are behind her). This was just one of the amazing Jeff Koons sculptures that were on display throughout the space. Jeff Koons is an artist who has collaborated with Lady Gaga on her album cover and a few other things. You've maybe heard her say his name in her song "Applause".

This one was really romantic and beautiful.


Once we got beyond the art pieces, we saw the huge stage. Since we were on the first ferry boat to get there we like ran right up to it so we could stand right by the stage when she showed up, but we got bored doing that once we fully grasped that we were in Gaga wonderland.

More naked statues. This one was really beautiful as well.

Shae and I when we first got there!

Behind the bar there were different people in these types of outfits - most of the others probably aren't super appropriate for me to post pics of (more naked). But they were quite impressive. Like - that dude (or girl??) is at work in that picture.

Also worth noting is that when you walked out back, there were 3 really awesome food trucks and all of the food was just free. I got a cake pop that said ArtPop on it, put it in my purse, and the next day I had a really awesome squished up piece of cake! So cool!

There were also other areas around the warehouse that displayed art and a technology room where you could go play with her new House of Gaga app, etc.

Then she came out and performed a bunch of songs from her new album and it was amazing/everything.

Favorite part of the show for me was when she played "Gypsy" and "Dope" on the piano. It really showed just how talented she is.


So, yeah - that was Lady Gaga's album release party. Huge thanks to Shae for taking me - it was seriously one of the funnest nights of my life.


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