wishlist wednesday | february 12

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Wednesday and happy Valentine's week! <3

1. Perfect party lashes for that Valentine-themed party you're headed to this weekend.
2. Speaking of party, how darling is this It Girl Bobbie from Ban.do?
3. B.J. Novak, (aka everyone's favorite temp from The Office, Ryan Howard) who has always been one of my favorite TV writers, is now out with a new book of short stories called One More Thing, and I think it's the perfect addition to anyone's growing library.
4. How fun is this Paris-inspired Right Bank Straw Emanuelle from Kate Spade? It's the perfect small bag to carry on your upcoming spring outings.
5. Loving this je ne sais quoi iPhone 5 case from Kate Spade - if only I could catch up to everyone else and finally get rid of my iPhone 4 it could be mine. Also, I'm clearly obsessed with the French theme going on in Kate Spade's spring line.


paris // part un

Monday, February 10, 2014

So lucky 'ol me got to go back to Paris again this January for the Maison et Objet tradeshow that my company shows at every year. My first time was last year, and it was great - I got to go and help set up and it was such an amazing and new experience. This year, I was more in charge of designing our displays so I felt under a little more pressure. I was pretty nervous about it during the months leading up to the trip, but honestly it could not have gone better. Definitely one of the highlights of my career, and I had an amazing time in the City of Light,of course. I was there for 6 days and while I did have to work quite a bit, I got to see some fun parts of the city as well.

 Notre Dame - at nighttime - so beautiful. One of the amazing things about Paris (and all of Europe, I'm sure) is that you don't get to see things like this in the US - it simply hasn't been around long enough, so getting to see amazing churches and building like this is the best.

Our first dinner out was at Mon Vieil Ami and it was honestly one of my favorites of the trip. It was on the Isle of San Louis, near Notre Dame, which is such a cute area - it was a very small restaurant, but the food was great. This is a picture of my entree - I believe it was fried guinea with creamed spinach - so rich, so good (as mostly all Parisian food is).

After dinner, my friend Melinda and I went to Hotel Costes for drinks, and it was one of the coolest places I've ever been. It was so chic, I could die. Fashion week was just finishing up in Paris and you could tell that some of the clientele were maybe models that were there for it, so obviously I fit in perfectly (ha). 

Melinda and I had lunch at Le Grand Colbert on one of the days and it was definitely a French dining experience. We ordered crab with mayonnaise, and as you can see they brought us full crabs on ice. The waiter coached us a little bit on how to go about eating them, and I won't go into great detail but it definitely made for an interesting experience.

For dinner that night we went to Benoit and had oh-my-gosh the best fois gras ever. Truly amazing French cuisine. It was pretty pricy but definitely worth it.

Beautiful La Grande Roue de Paris view from my cab window. Just one of the things that makes Paris such a magical city.

On our last night we went to Le Pub Saint-Germain which is apparently one of the more popular bars in the city. It was really fun - great atmosphere and lots of young people.

So that's some of what I got to see around the city. I'll also be posting some of the things that I got to see at the amazing Maison & Objet tradeshow/fair later this week!


wishlist wednesday | february 5

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be on the lookout later this week for recaps of my trip to Paris! But for now.. it's Wishlist Wednesday!

1. I'm looking for a new shape to switch up my usual wayfarer routine, and I think these Indio Shades from Madewell could be just right.
2. I've been spotting this Metallic Zebra Dish from Furbish Studio in a lot of lovely styled interiors lately - it would look perfect on a desk or nightstand!
3. Loving this "Joie de Vivre" French quote bracelet by etsy shop ClairAshley. Perfect addition to any stack.
4. How pretty is this Clare Vivier catchall with the French term of endearment meaning "my treasure"? Perfect for Valentine's Day!
5. Brooklyn Etsy designer dirtybandits has a cheeky new print collection out called Love for Sale - this "make outs" print would be fun in a bedroom!


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